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What is Life - Freedom, Food and Sexuality


Freedom is the most important thing to everyone. Everything fights for its freedom - freedom to shape its own destiny, freedom of movement, freedom to fulfill its dreams and ambitions so long as the pursuit does not infringe on the rights and freedoms of others.  Some would say our Creator endows us all with this inalienable right.  Others posit that it defies the the natural order for any human to have dominion over another.  Regardless of the theological or philosophical underpinnings, the beleif in freedom has borne up countless struggles for good and justice throughout the ages.  Such freedom is a core tenant of Tomei Brothers Minisrty, and end to which we tiressly Advocate.


Without Food there can be no freedom, only a desparate fight for survival.  Thus food is the key and fundamental to prosperity and happiness for all humankind.  There is enough soil, water and sunlight on this planet that under resposible stewardship, no mouth should go unfed and no thirst unquesnched.  We dedicate ourselves to the task of allieviating hunger and malnorishment thoughout the world.  When people see beyand the immediacy of day-to-day survival, great thoughts, ideas and futures can flourish.


Sexuality is essential to the continuation of the human race.  For years, societies have feared sex and maligned expressions of sexuallity that were not for the purpose of procreation.  We are born with sexual instincts.  These should be neither stifled or condemned.  In much the same way the pursuit of freedom must be held in check by the consideration of its externalities, sexuallity should have no other requirement than that is devoid of coericion and exploitation.  Sex should be celebrated as a positive force, not hidden under a bushel.  To deny our natual desires or feel ashamed of our instictive and consensual urges is to deny life itself.

"Heaven is when you have it, Hell is when you dont"

Rev. Robert J. Tomei, PhD