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Optional Add-ons

For some truly spectacular enhancements that no one will soon be forget, check out our Magic Enhancements Page.

Meet with the minister for up to an hour at our office in Gurnee to review details (this is included in some packages).  $75

Optional Enhancements include (but not limited to):

  • Unity candle: This Option requires 5 candles, four thin and a large thick one (the unity candle)  After the Vows, the Mother of the bride and groom are given a candle, which they then light.  The flame from those two candles then light the candles held by the Bride and Groom. After which the Bride and Groom combine the flames from their respective candles and light the Unity Candle. DO NOT choose this option if you are having an outdoor ceremony.  Don't get me wrong, I love the symbolism of the flame, where our most ancient ancestors had a "keeper of the flame" who's duty was to make sure the flame didn't go out, thereby enabling the tribe to cook food, stay warm and scare away predators and by doing so preserved life itself.  However this is difficult to pull off on a windy day.  So unless one of your guests happens to be carrying a flamethrower and 5 gag birthday candles that you cant blow out, choose one of our other options.


  • The Giving of Roses:  It is always a good idea to show gratitude, respect and thanks to The VIP who have nurtured, guided and helped you become the person you are today.  This is especially true on your Wedding Day in front of all your friends and family.  The Very Important People in your Life will be truly touched by your gracious acknowlegement.


  • Sand Blending:  This is an excellent option in leiu of the Unity Candle.  After the vows, the Bride and Groom approach respective VIP{'s who are given the appropriate color sand (most couples use the color of the Bridal theme)  Then the Bride and Groom pour the sand into a sealable jar to save as a keepsake.  The symbolism shows that it is impossible to seperate what has just been joined together.  If you dont believe me try seperating a glass of pink and blue sand that has just been mixed together. 


  • Gift of Roses to Mom:  This is self expanatory


  • Wine/Champange Sharing:  This option is meant to recreate the first date.  So if the groom is actually the one in a million romantic type who actually did propose a lovely toast on tne first date, this would be the perfct option.  Or just forget the first date recreation idea and just use it if you want a really unnique idea for your wedding that will also present a great photo opportunity.  For an unforgetable special effect, the minister can turn a Chalis full of water into wine as he pours it into your wine glasses.  See our Magic Enhancement page for more details.


  • Water Sharing:  Many people dont drink alcohol nowadays for many reasons, be it religuos or otherwise.  However the wine/champange ceremony can be easily be duplicated by just changing the wine into water.


  • The Marriage Vessel and the Rose  The Vessel and the rose are symbols for God as Creator and Sustainer of Life - The one who invites us to overcome seperateness and find Fulfillment in the sharing of one life with another.  The vessel of clay is the symbol of love's strenngth and endurance. The Miricle of the vessel is that it not only protects but is enriched by that which it holds.  The rose, born of the tiniest of seeds, is the symbol of the potential of the potential and beauty of Love's promises
  • Remembrance of Loved ones who have passed.
  • Your Favorite Prayers or Blessings
  • Story of how you met and fell in love
  • Photo Montage:  This is an excellent Idea for just before the vows.  it gives all the guests insight and the history about the couple.  Like where they have been, where they grew up, schools attended, activities they enjoy all the way to the couples dating years.  Just choose appropriate music and you are ready to go.


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