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Magic Enhancements

In Honor of Armando Luigi "Nick" Tomei 1913 -2005

The Tomei Brothers were fortunate to have an Uncle who was a Profesional Magician who was able to entertain generations with his different Magic Acts.  Uncle Nick was our Grandfather Joe's Brother.  He would join our Family every year to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas and he never forgot to do a magic trick or two to amaze his young nieces and nephews.  He was a very thoughtful man, one year he did a show for Chicago Bull Scottie Pippen's New Years Eve party and he didn't forget to bring back a personalized signed autograph picture for his young nephew Robby.  He also taught a few of us some Magic.

We thought that implementing some Magic at appropriate times in the Wedding Ceremony would make the occasion especially memorable.  However, keep in mind that the ceremony is about the Couple being wed, you dont want to turn it into a Magic Show. So keep the Magic at a minimum.


The Up in Smoke Kiss: $100 - interested?  fill out our contact form

When our Ordained Minister Says "you may kiss the Bride", the Bride and Groom will temporarily disappear in a cloud of smoke (dont worry, its just water vapor)  When the smoke disapates, the Couple will end thier embrace an the Minister will say "introducing Mr. and Mrs. (fill in the blank)"  or anthing else the newly wed couple wishes me to say.

Turning Water into Wine: $50 - interested?  fill out our contact form

Wine Sharing Ceremony:  The Reverend will pick up a pitcher of water, then read John 2:1-11 Jesus changes Water into Wine when the Reverend finishes the reading, he pours the water into the Bride and Grooms wine glasses, it will magically turn to Wine.  There are different things the minister can say prior to turning the water into wine, we would be happy to discuss them with you.


Keep checking back, there is MORE TO COME